FIFA pro-player, Brazilian suffers from hacker attacks


Henrique "Zezinho" feels hampered in preparation for the qualifying tournament and sees neglect from Sony. Photo: (Eamonn McCormack - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

Henrique "Zezinho", who is a professional FIFA 22 player, has been suffering in his preparation for the dispute of a FIFA Global Series qualifying tournament. Zezinho is prevented from training and competing in the virtual game because of hacking attacks on his PlayStation account.

The player from Rio Grande do Sul has already suffered, since the last edition of the game (FIFA 21), for five opportunities with attacks: "It's the fifth time my account has been hacked since the FIFA 21 Playoffs. In the end, I was banned and ended up playing by an EA injunction. I was banned for passing coins. Hackers got into my account, passed coins and that's it. Then I was able to recover because I proved it was a hacker attack."

Despite complying with all security requirements, such as two-step verification and security question, in addition to the password, of course, criminals manage to break into the professional player's account and change the account registration email.

Zezinho complains about Sony's service with his case. According to the player, he is not offered the possibility to regain access to the account: "The only thing they tell me is to create a new account. I'm already studying to process".

In preparation for the tournament that qualifies the athletes for the FIFA Global Series, Zezinho fears not being able to compete in the stage and, therefore, not having the right to seek classification for the competition at world level.

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