Foot - Cup - Nice - Christophe Galtier (Nice) after qualifying against PSG: "A very good performance"

Christophe Galtier, the coach of Nice, was necessarily satisfied after the qualification won by his men at the Parc des Princes, Monday in the round of 16 of the Coupe de France (0-0, 6-5 on tab). “In what state of mind did you find the players? Euphoric or in the idea of ​​going to the end?

Both. But before going to the end we will have to beat Marseille anyway. It's a very good performance. We were able to seize the opportunity to play a very weakened PSG with the injured, the players in selection. Paris, with its technical quality, requires a lot of effort. It was good in that sense. It was better with the use of the ball compared to the Championship match but not enough. We had opportunities to bring the big danger on the Parisian goal but we negotiated them badly, perhaps by haste, or fatigue in the second half. With the entry of Kylian (Mbappé) who always puts a lot of pressure, we were able to resist. "I wanted Marcin to have benchmarks if he were to enter the Championship" Is the objective to win the title?

We know the relationship between Paris and the Coupe de France. Before going to get this trophy which is in my eyes the most beautiful, there is Marseille which presents itself. In a little over a week we will have a very intense match against OM who also have a great history with this trophy. There will be a great atmosphere. But before that there is the Championship and Clermont, we will have to continue. read also PSG-Nice notes: Icardi in deadweight, Bulka as a hero Why did you choose Marcin Bulka for the goal? How did you find his performance?

I needed to see him in a game with a bigger opponent than Cholet. I told both goalkeepers that I was not giving the competition to just one. The difference is that Walter (Benitez) didn't have the Covid and could be out. I wanted Marcin to have benchmarks if he were to enter the Championship. I found him calm, serene, quite sure of himself when taking the ball. Then there is the penalty shootout. As much as she is not specially prepared for shooters, as much for Marcin, Nicolas Dehon (Gym goalkeeper coach), who is a former PSG player, has a lot of data on shooters. He prepared it with great professionalism. A word on Dante's Panenka. You said that Gouiri's in Nice annoyed you a bit...

I said that in Metz, the ground was difficult and that you need good ground to succeed. We give benchmarks, but after that it's the feeling. I haven't seen Dante take a penalty in training once, not even this week (smile). It is an exercise that is so special. Andy who always marks his own, tonight he is stopped. » read also Nice qualifies for the quarter-finals of the Coupe de France against PSG on penalties

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