Former neighbor reports threats from Corinthians player

Reddit Jujutsu kaisen 0 After the ex-girlfriend reported threats, now it was the turn of a neighbor to make accusations against Rodrigo Varanda, a Corinthians player.

Isabella Alves and Victor Camargo would have argued with the player in the condominium where they live in Tatuapé, in the East Zone of São Paulo. According to the couple, after constant parties with loud music in the apartment next to the family, the couple complained and was threatened by the attacker.

She says in an argument, this one involving her husband, the athlete would have gone further in threats: “Do you have a small daughter? So, be smart”, the player would have said to the couple who have a three-year-old daughter.

Isabella says she moved to the Vivace Clube condominium in June 2020. As it is located close to Parque São Jorge, the house is rented to Corinthians base athletes.

“In the first or second week (after the couple moved) they had their first little party. I called there and they told me that the noise was not from the apartment. I went there, in my pajamas, and at the table I saw Rodrigo and another boy from the base, all drunk, thrown on the couch. The Corinthians boys all live there. I asked to be silent, I contacted the manager and she informed me that they had several previous complaints, but that there was nothing they could do”, he said.

After complaining to the condominium, without success, the resident sought the police seeking a solution.

“That same day, I called the police and the boys went to the lobby to talk to the police. The mother of one of them came to my apartment to ask her son to apologize. Rodrigo, at my door, told me: 'If you were in my hood, we'd sit you on the dick. If you end my career, I end your life. You don't know who I am”, says Isabella.

The family changed their routine in order not to find the player who made the threats and preferred to change the location to avoid problems. The episode was only exposed now, precisely because of the complaints of an ex-girlfriend of the player.

Rodrigo Varanda has not yet taken a position on the case and Corinthians reported that the player is on vacation, after the Copinha dispute, and when he returns to base training he will analyze the situation.

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