Brazilian team convinces and thrashes Paraguay in the Qualifiers

Brazil players celebrate the goal scored by Antony (Photo: Pedro Vilela/Getty Images)

The Brazilian team did not give Paraguay a chance to pass the Mineirão. With goals from Raphinha, Coutinho, Antony and Rodrygo, Tite's men left Gigante da Pampulha with a 4-0 victory this Tuesday in a match in which there was room for the team to demonstrate space for exchanges of passes and display football. for the World Cup qualifiers.

The canarian team returns to play for the competition in March, when it faces Chile and Bolivia in the final stretch of the competition.


Two minutes were enough for the Selection to swing the net. Daniel Alves took a lateral and, in the left of a split between Matheus Cunha and an opponent Raphinha advanced to the area. The attacker was calm to finish the cross. The ball hit the post and went in.

However, the euphoria did not last long. Referee Facundo Tello responded to a VAR signal to analyze the play. After five minutes of waiting, he reviewed the bid on the monitor and disallowed the goal by a touch of the hand of shirt 19.


The disallowed goal did not dampen the Brazilian momentum. After the ball was thrown by Matheus Cunha, Vinicius Júnior went down the left and made the release. Raphinha, under the goalpost, tried to complete it, but finished with a shin and saw the ball go up with an empty goal.

Lucas Paquetá and Coutinho took the opportunity to exchange passes with the players in front and helped Brazil press Paraguay. However, when it was time to conclude, they bumped into conclusions.

Until, at 27, the long-awaited goal came. Marquinhos launched. Raphinha, coolly, fixed the ball, broke away from the marking and hit Antony Silva's corner.


Aguerrida, Tite's team continued to go ahead. Vinicius Júnior stretched Alex Telles, who filled his foot but saw the ball stop outside the net. Coutinho tried a header and the ball went wide.

On the counterattack, shirt 11 opened the way for the Real Madrid forward to advance on the left. Matheus Cunha received a pass and kicked in a treacherous way, scaring the Paraguayan goalkeeper. Then Coutinho took a free-kick and made Antony Silva do his best to avoid the second Brazilian goal. Matheus Cunha still almost scored a thigh goal in stoppage time. On Paraguay's side, the only chance came after a blunder between Thiago Silva and Ederson, but the attack didn't take advantage of it.


At half-time, coach Guillermo Schelotto sacked the two Paraguayan sides. However, he couldn't hold the breath of the canarian team's wingers. Right at the beginning, Vinicius Júnior broke free and made the crossing. Raphinha appeared free in the small area and filled his foot, but the ball landed on the post.

Then, Alex Telles crossed and Matheus Cunha appeared between the defenders to head. The ball passed close to the post. Coutinho took advantage of a flash and launched Lucas Paquetá. Shirt 10 fixed his chest and finished by covering, but he sent it out. Philippe Coutinho still gave a low kick and saw Antony Silva fit. Paraguay still rehearsed a reaction in an attempt to Escobar, but the side sinned in concluding.


It was up to Coutinho to score the second Brazilian goal of the match. After Marquinhos, shirt 11 took advantage of a gap, killed him in the chest and finished at Antony Silva's angle. A goal that increased the fans' confidence in his return to the Selection.


Tite's men kept their breath even with the changes. Antony served and Paquetá finished on top of the goalkeeper. The Ajax player also gave Bruno Guimarães a pass to finish close to the post. Rodrygo filled his foot and the ball bounced back. In the spare, Daniel Alves made Antony Silva bend over backwards to avoid the goal.


The Brazilian team turned the victory into a rout in the final stretch. Everton Ribeiro opened play and Antony hit a cross, with no chance for Antony Silva at 40.

Two minutes later, Antony launches Bruno Guimarães, who stretches the play for Rodrygo to emerge free. The rout was enshrined to the delight of the Mineirão crowd.

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