Olympic downhill: Sander receives the last start ticket


Olympic downhill: Sander receives the last start ticket

Vice world champion Andreas Sander gets the fourth and last German starting ticket for the Olympic downhill in Beijing. The 32-year-old is preferred to Simon Jocher (25). This was announced by head coach Christian Schwaiger after the final training session for the race on Sunday (11:00 a.m. OZ/4:00 a.m. CET) had to be canceled due to the wind.

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Actually, the duel between Sander and Jocher should have decided the fourth starter alongside Romed Baumann, Josef Ferstl and Dominik Schwaiger. Head coach Schwaiger found it "a shame" that "Mother Nature" prevented this duel, but called the decision in favor of Sander "very clear". In addition to the training on Saturday, the decisive factors were the world rankings and the World Cup standings in the supreme discipline.

Sander's relief after the last few difficult weeks was "very great". For Sunday he is confident: "The fact that I was beaten in the last race doesn't mean that I can't compete for medals - I believe I can do that."

However, wind is also expected in the medal fight, there is a risk of a lottery. In addition, some athletes were annoyed that the third test run was canceled after three drivers, including top favorite Aleksander Aamodt Kilde from Norway and two-time Olympic champion Matthias Mayer (Austria). The others were only allowed to inspect the slope - a disadvantage.

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