With Marinho's brilliance and Vitinho's recital, Flamengo wins in Paulo Sousa's debut

Marinho celebrates his first goal with the Flamengo shirt (Photo: Gilvan de Souza/CR Flamengo)

The first 90 minutes of Flamengo under the command of Paulo Sousa were divided between new ideas for the defense and good responses from the attacking men. In the debut of the main squad, the Portuguese coach started work with a reserve team, which presented itself with three defenders behind and in front, betting on Marinho, newcomer reinforcement and character of the 3-0 victory over Boavista, in Volta Round.

Not only for one of the goals, but also for the dedication, Marinho had an exciting performance, but he only played in the first half. In the second half, Paulo Sousa shot Gabigol alongside Pedro, and launched Everton Ribeiro in a different position, in place of Renê. The team created new alternatives and expanded. In the rhythm of an old acquaintance and sometimes persecuted: Vitinho.

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The striker created the plays and assisted not only Marinho, but also Pedro and Gabigol, who completed the scoring in the second half. The main difficulty was not in the young Noga and Cleiton, who played alongside defender Gustavo Henrique and later David Luiz. And yes in the transition, responsibility of Thiago Maia and João Gomes. When Aaron took the boy's place, the team had more consistency.

From what he sent to the field between one time and another, Paulo Sousa indicated that he will implement the system he used in previous works. A 3-4-3 with the ball and a line of 4 without it to defend. In this scenario, competition is fierce.

Against a fragile opponent, Flamengo was little pressured, and the balls reached the midfielders and wings without difficulty. The plays changed between Vitinho and João Gomes and Matheuzinho and Marinho, with an initial emphasis on the second pair on the right.

But it was Vitinho who skillfully created the first chances, which Pedro wasted. On the left wing, Vitinho insisted until he found Marinho to open the scoring. Shirt 11 gave depth, but floated inside, and also played the best role in the second half. When Éverton Ribeiro replaced Renê, Vitinho grew even more and served Pedro, who finally completed with perfection.

With the advantage, Paulo Sousa made another experiment. He took out Pedro and released Rodinei to play on the left wing. With that, Everton Ribeiro returned to the original position, on the right, and Gabigol was in charge of the attack. Shirt 9 wasted some chances when he was open on the right, and had little interaction with Pedro. But when his teammate left, he left his own, positioning himself in the middle of the area to receive a precise pass from Vitinho.

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