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"Annabelle 3" in progress - this is what the film is about

 The horror sequel has received an official synopsis.

The last time we saw her was in the summer of 2017, in David F. Sandberg's prequel "Annabelle: Creation".


Soon, the anything but playful doll Annabelle will be back in the cinema. Thanks to an official synopsis, we now know what the audience can expect from the sequel, where the couple Ed and Lorraine Warren (from the "Conjuring" movies) get tampas with evil spirits in their own home.

To stop Annabelle from destroying more, demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren take home the possessed doll. She is to be locked up "in safety" in their locked room with artifacts, behind sacred glass and with the blessing of a priest. But an unholy night of horror awaits when Annabelle brings to life the other evil spirits in the room, who are all on the same goal - Warren's ten-year-old daughter, Judy, and her friends.

"Annabelle 3" belongs to the same horror universe as the "Conjuring" movies and this summer's horror movie "The Nun". Creator James Wan has previously revealed the same story during Comic Son:

- Annabelle activates all the possessed artifacts in the room. So it's like "Night at the Museum", with Annabelle!

The new film is written and directed by horror writer Gary Dauberman, who previously wrote "The Conjuring 2", "The Nun" and "It". Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga return, albeit only in supporting roles. The duo are also ready for participation in the future "The Conjuring 3".

The third Annabelle film (which does not yet have an official title) will have its American cinema premiere on July 3, 2019.